February 23rd to 25th 2024

New to Rally Mexico?

Understanding the rally can be confusing at first, since everything takes place in different locations. We will explain how to use the Guides and Itineraries for the Spectator.

Ceremonial Start and the first stage of the rally, Guanajuato Street Stage, take place in emblematic places of Guanajuato City, Alhóndiga de Granaditas, Glorieta UNESCO and Guanajuato tunnels.

Rally Campus is the place where cars receive maintenance 3 times a day, there’s a commercial area with stand, food court, live music and various activities for the spectators. Rally Control, organization offices, media center, medical and security offices are located here. Also the Street Stage León and Rock & Rally take place here.

In Autódromo de León, the Super Special Stage takes place. It is the only stage of the rally in which cars race in pairs. You can enjoy this stage 2 days, Friday  and Saturday.

Mountain stages are the true essence of the WRC, run from Friday to Sunday. Friday and Saturday competitors run three mountain stages in the morning, they come back to Rally Campus for the noon service and they go again to the mountain to run the same  three stages from the morning circuit. Each stage is run twice that’s why in the Itinerary you can find, for example, El Chocolate 1 and El Chocolate 2.

You can stay for both stages or go after the first run is finished and come back to the city of León to attend the racetrack (Autódromo de León) or the Rock & Rally events.

Each stage indicated in the Itinerary has different Official Spectator Areas. For example, in El Chocolate we have 4 official areas: Magueyes, La Palma, Cubilete and Las Cumbres. An Official Zone has access all day through an alternative route to avoid crossing the competition stages that remain closed around  4 hours before the first car scheduled time.

All finishing crews attend the Finish Ceremony that takes place in Explora Park, next to Rally Campus, and has free access for spectators.

In the Itinerary section you can check the schedules of each stage, you will realize that you can attend more than one place on the same day and we highly recommend doing it to live the full experience of Rally Guanajuato Corona 2020. We recommend to arrive at least 1 hour in advance. Remember that rally schedule is strictly on time.

If you want to go to Mountain stages:

  1. Select the stage you want to attend each day. Look for the starting time in the Itinerary; this time indicates the starting time of the first car. You should plan to arrive two hours before.
  2. Daily maps are differentiated by colours (yellow for Thursday, blue for Friday, red for Saturday and green for Sunday). Locate on map the spectator areas and choose the best for you. For more information of each zone visit the section Spectator Areas.
  3. Follow the instructions to get there or download the Rally México app that will help you to reach to the Official Spectator Areas.

In order to understand the itinerary we will give you the meaning of abbreviations and important things to consider.

TC or SS mean Special Stage, which are the competition stages.

SSS means Super Special Stage that takes place in Autódromo de León.

Stage Closure indicates the time in which the competition roads will be closed to public access, however, we have alternative routes to access the Spectators Areas at any time of the day. It is very important to know that you can’t walk on the competition road 45 minutes before the stage start, or the section may be canceled.

SP means Service Park, the place where cars arrive to get maintenance 3 times a day. It is located in Rally Campus in Explanada de la Feria de León (Access C, Olimpo Street)

The Shakedown is the only opportunity before the rally starts for all the teams to test the cars in competition conditions on a dirt road closed to traffic. This stage is not part of the competition.

Power Stage is the last stage of the rally. Not only does this stage count towards the final classification, also the top five crews in this stage are awarded points for the world championship.


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