February 23rd to 25th 2024

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For the Rally Guanajuato Mexico; The issue of sustainability is of great importance, and that is why it has been essential to implement measures for the conservation and improvement of the environment.

Our commitment is that the organizing committee and the people involved in the event such as spectators, volunteers, government entities, competitors and teams, among others; can participate in this initiative of responsibility and together we can achieve a clean and sustainable rally.

The Rally Guanajuato not only has a commitment at a sporting level but also at a social and environmental level.

Our main objective in 2018 was the measurement of waste, which helped us collect data and modify, by 2019, the collection and recycling process for the benefit of the rural communities where the rally takes place.

We are aware and committed to the issue of sustainability. We know that it is not an easy road, but it is the beginning of a great work in which we know we can all contribute.


During the two years of absence from the WRC calendar due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the organization had to stop its activities. However, its purpose and commitment to sustainability were never set aside. Rally Guanajuato México (“Rally Mexico”) restarted its operations, working on specific objectives that date back from previous years, in addition to adapting to the new regulations required by hybrid cars and new State environmental laws.

Rally Mexico is aware of the potential negative impacts associated with sporting events and is committed to reducing its environmental impact as part of a continuous improvement process. Rally Mexico also aims at organizing eco-responsible events and acting as a committed and socially responsible player in the communities where the rally takes place.

In light of the above, as well as in accordance with the sustainable tourism program of the State Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) and the State Secretary of Environment (SMAOT), Rally Mexico has designed a concrete set of actions and commitments to adhere to during this year´s edition, as follows:

Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in relation to environmental aspects of our operations, in particular, but not limited to the new State Environmental Regulations.

  • Calculate the environmental impact of passing through Protected Natural Areas (ANP): Rally Mexico 2023 comprises stages taking place in the ANP Sierra de Lobos. The environmental impact plan will be drawn up, along with actions in conjunction with the Secretariat of Environment to counteract said impact.
  • Provide support to owners of material banks for mitigation of environmental impacts. Rally Mexico is committed to supporting bank owners in the regularization and mitigation work in accordance with the guidelines of the SMAOT.

Establishing environmental mitigation programs

  • Reforestation Polygon: As one of Rally Mexico´s long-term projects, we have made an agreement with the SMAOT to assist on reforestation programs in association with communities located along the rally route, following the Secretariat leadership. The intervened areas will be ¨adopted¨ by Rallymex for a 3 year period.
  • Creation of a fully sustainable area: Rally Mexico has signed an agreement with Distrito Leon MX, which includes Poliforum León, Feria León, Museo Explora, Teatro Bicentenario, and Forum Cultural, to help in a 3-year sustainable program. The projects are divided into the optimization of electrical demand, rainwater catchment, and water treatment. In 2023, the investment will be allocated to LED exterior lighting.
  • Implementing and monitoring best practices in the service park area.
  • Electric mobility within the Service Park: Bicycles and electric motorcycles for the mobility of the organization will be available within the Service Park area. As part of the WRC program, Rally Car1s will only be able to enter the Mobil Park in electric mode. No refueling will be done at the Service Park during the Rally.
  • UBA Diesel: The electrical requirements of the main teams and TV Production (WRCTV) are particular to each one for consistency and security of supply. Teams use diesel generators for this purpose. The use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel will be mandatory for all generators at Service Park.
  • Waste management: As the impact area with the greatest impact, it will be addressed, with a new collection plan through the communities involved in the rally, as well as with the local collection company, gathering, separating, and measuring waste, as well as channeling it towards recycling process. Rally Mexico will work with the company REYMA, which will take care of the production of school materials from this recycling process.
  • A dedicated team will be in charge of implementing and following a comprehensive Service Park checklist before, during, and after the rally.

Adhere to and comply with the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework

  • Carbon footprint: continue to gather all necessary information for the calculation of the carbon footprint generated in the event through the WRC Promoter calculator with approved criteria for all events.
  • Evaluation of the impact along the operational time of the event (4 months).

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed and updated annually as part of Rally Mexico´s commitment to the principle of continuous improvement against environmental performance.


Enviromental policy

Carbon footprint estimate

New residues collection plan involving the residents of the communities

Solar heater made with PET bottles

(Proyect in process)


In 2018 we got the “Achievement of Excellence” certification by the FIA.


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