February 23rd to 25th 2024

Camping area


Real de la Sierra

Stage: SS3/SS6 Ortega
Start: 11:16 and 16:15

From Rally Campus: 77.5km
approximate time from Rally Campus: 1:35

Description: It is the only official camping area in the rally, here you could find cottages, shared-rooms for groups and camping area. For more information and prices please call +521 (462) 1390454 / 1390456



Ease of browsing

Road condition

Space to place

How to get there?

Follow Waze instructions

In this area is very important that you arrive on thursday because there’s no alternative route and the road will be close on friday at 6:00 am remember that cars are forbidden in the stage road.


  • Closing of section: 6:00 am.
  • Approximate distance to walk: 200 meters


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