Date: Friday, March 9th

Day: 2 Flash N°: 9/10

Special stage: Autodrómo de León 1/2 Distance: 2.30 km

Weather: Warm and dry

Road conditions: Mixed – gravel, tarmac and water splashes




“It was a really disappointing day today for me. I drove as well as I could. I did three stages with the

steering issue.”



“It was not a perfect day because we make a mistake in the afternoon with the tyres. But I am trying. It’s

been a long day and it is a long rally,”



“It has been a tough day for me. We had some problems with the engine temperature a bit too high.

But, in the Ortega stage on the start line, I got battery low warning. It did not have an impact. I drove the

whole stage with the battery low. Unfortunately, I did a power cycle after the stage and the battery

voltage was low. We lost the alternator and lost the battery in Guanajuato city centre! There might be a

chance for ninth or 10th place.”



“Basically we try to take the best out of what we have. When the car is performing it is strong and we

were going quickly. We have managed to improve for the second loop and we were not losing so




“We made some silly mistakes. Lost five here, lost 10 there and a few in another couple of places. We

could have been right up there with Dani and Seb, but that is life.”


Car 11.   LOEB/ELENA

“It was a very good day for me to get back into the rhythm. We are here. We will see tomorrow. I

enjoyed the day.”



“We have done some nice stages. We have a fantastic car and we have a good set-up.”



“We have had a good day on very difficult stages. A serious problem with water temperature meant we

had to slow a little but we are happy. It’s my first WRC event and we had a lot of fun.”



“The gap is big to Pontus ahead, but it’s not so bad when you’re driving in the middle of the road. Today

has been a good drive. No mistakes.”